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About Bare Geography

accessible, challenging and engaging learning


Bare Geography is a subscription website with outstanding online geography lessons.


Bare Geography allows teachers to encourage high-level geographical skills and concepts and thinking skills with all students.


All lesson packages include a stimulating online presentation with a starter and a plenary. All of the active and engaging activities, which make use of scaffolds to support students, are linked to National Curriculum and GCSE learning objectives. Each lesson package has a distinct assessment for learning section to check that students have achieved the set aims.


Supplementary worksheets are included with each lesson package, which can be used as homework or extension work.


A subscription to Bare Geography ensures that you have a collection of outstanding ready-to-teach lessons, reduces preparation and planning time, and supports non-specialist and supply teachers.


Try the free resources section to what Bare Geography can offer you. If you like what you see, go to the how to order page and you will soon be online to enjoy the full catalogue of Bare Geography resources!


Current inventory of 90 lessons:


Weather and Climate: 16 lesson packages

Explosive Earth: 8 lesson packages

Rivers and Coasts: 20 lesson packages

Settlements: 13 lesson packages

Going Global: 8 lesson packages

Travel and Tourism: 8 lesson packages

Revision: 17 revision packages


For a full list of all the lesson packages, click here.

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